Programme – Winter 2019

27/12/2018 NO MEETING No meeting this week, hope you have a good Christmas break
03/01/2019 NO MEETING No meeting this week, hope you have a good Christmas break
10/01/2019 Planning Meeting
17/01/2019 Movie Night Each Explorer is bringing a movie of there choice, to have a vote on the evening for which one to watch.
24/01/2019 Cooking Planning and Cards First half of the evening do a full meal plan with a balanced diet for four days for a group of Explorers. Consider what facility that you have to hand.

look at next week, possibly put the quiz here? use Kahoot?

second half of the evening learn a new card game.
31/01/2019 Backwards cooking ❄️cancelled due to adverse weather❄️

Assuming weather permits, do backwards cooking outside using a fire to cook basic food like sausages, burgers, smores
07/02/2019 Shopping and Cooking With a set/target budget go into a store with the aim to buy everything you need for one of the planned meals they worked out the week before. team with lowest expenditure or closest to the target (if teams went above) is winner/gains points.

Back to hall to then cook and present the meal. Explorers will be judged on how long it took to cook, presentation, hygiene.

Quick-fire round quiz, questions based around hygiene, how to prevent food poisoning and how to store certain foods. use kahoot?
14/02/2019 Games Night Explorers can bring there games consoles, TV and games down and play some games. games must be at a 15 age rating bring some food down to share.
21/02/2019 Half Term half term, do some thing =P maybe do a bike ride ?
28/02/2019 Where's Wally Meet at Station Yard Car Park at 19:30.

Collection at Station Yard Car Park at 21:30.
07/03/2019 Sign Language
14/03/2019 Big Yellow Bus Project More details to follow by Email and on the Parent Portal
21/03/2019 Drop Hike Hike night.
28/03/2019 Mini lost 2 other team hunts down the original hunters. 2 leaders with cars to allow hunters to get into position to ambush. time how long it takes to get to hall + number of remaining lives.
04/04/2019 Morris Dancing Wear something white.
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